The Rise of Philippine Ecommerce

We have already been behind in the field of Ecommerce due to many reasons. One would be due to our Economy. Majority of the population couldn't afford buying stuff, so much more to buy online.

There is also the conservative trait we have as Filipinos. We don't want to buy things that we cannot see or touch in person. We want to check the items ourselves before buying. We are hard to convince.

Logistics is also a factor. Since our Country is comprised of many different islands, separated by mountains and divided by different dialects, it has always been a challenge for logistics to efficiently transport packages from point A to point B. But with the improvement in their services and facilities combined with creative ideas, these problems are slowly being solved and the future of Philippine Ecommerce is finally being clear.

There has been a time when selling online seemed to be a very hard process. You post an item online and hope that someone sees that and trusts you enough to send payment first before you ship the item to them. That is now long gone upon the inception of COD or Cash on Delivery from Couriers like LBC. They now offer to collect the payment from the buyer upon delivering your product. Sounds really simple right? Now there is peace of mind for both parties and the consumers are getting more and more confident on buying goods online.

Nowadays, shipping times has also been drastically improved making it possible to receive a parcel within the day. This is made possible by premium services like Grab Express and Lalamove to name a few.

With the advancements in mobile phone technology, Ecommerce is even more accessible to more and more Filipinos. The Beauty of COD is that anyone can just order online without even owning a Credit Card. This gives more people access to products that are not available in their areas. Sure there are malls in almost any corner of the Country now but the ability to find specific items online is far ahead from traditional shopping.

These advancements in Philippine Ecommerce has not been around 10 years ago but look what has been made possible now. What more can we expect in the next 10 years? We are excited to see. Maybe it will be the era where you dont need to search for the items you need anymore. Instead, you will be notified to buy a new bulb for the garage that broke last night. We discussed about Targeted Marketing in our previous post. Learn more about it by clicking the link below.

How we provide our customers the products that they need through Targeted Marketing